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Baca Robo SawJet install in York, UK.

Last week we installed the Baca Robo SawJet for Marble Building Products in York in the North of England. The Robo SawJet can immediately improve efficiency and reduce costs in your fabrication process and se we were really keen to begin the training at their HQ in Full Sutton in York this week. Marble building products offer a wide range of services to many different market sectors. Whether you produce one or hundreds of kitchens per year, they have an established product offering to suit you and your clients’ needs. To enable MBP to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers to kitchen retailers, developers, commercial projects and kitchen manufacturers they needed the most advanced sawjet available to stone fabricators. We feel the Baca Robo SawJet will deliver everything they need. Read more about the Baca Robo SawJet here

The BACA Robo Saw Jet is the future of our industry, without a shadow of a doubt. When you consider the reliability, speed and accuracy of robotics it’s clear to see why these machines revolutionise industries. We currently operate a Breton SpeedyCut line and 2 Breton SmartCut lines with no real complaints. It’s easy to become complacent with machinery which does the job you ask.

It’s when you look outside the box and push the boundaries of what you know that you begin to appreciate the future isn’t in gantry sawing. We have a very strong relationship with Carl and the team at LPE. Not only do they offer the best products, but they also support them with excellent service.

LPE is well known within the industry for this so only rightly collaborates with suppliers who share the same values. When Carl introduced us to BACA, we were confident he was doing so because he believed it was the best thing for us. The Robo Saw Jet is frighteningly fast. The speed at which it cuts and transitions between those cuts is like nothing we’ve ever witnessed. The software is very user-friendly and you get a sense that everything has been designed to make life simple and efficient for the operator. The installation, calibration and testing of the machine took 4 days.

The guys from BACA are professional, knowledgeable and passionate about everything they do. Every time we asked if the machine or software could do something, they said: “yes we’ve already thought of that”. It’s often the case that software and manufacturing techniques need to be synchronised, however in our experience so far the BACA supports everything we need, fresh out of the box. The incredibly low maintenance of the machine was a huge draw for us.

As we become increasingly reliant of machinery, keeping downtime to a minimum is key. The BACA requires next to no maintenance which enables us to cut more and support our customers more reliably. We are excited to see what the future holds in terms of how we develop the way we manufacture work surfaces, however, we are confident more BACA systems will be on the horizon. – Tom Bendell at MBP