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Breton Combi Cut

Breton Combi Cut with LPE

Breton Combi, the new monoblock 5 axis combined disk and waterjet slab cutting center

Breton Combi is the advanced 5-axis monoblock saw blade & waterjet combined machining center, able to perform a wide range of slab processing, even ultra-thin ones. The efficient use of the saw blade or the waterjet system guarantees waste minimization and vertical, inclined rectilinear and/or curvilinear cuts.
With the addition of the new accessories, Optima and Rocket Tool, Combi becomes the most complete working center for slab processing.

LPE Works in Partnership with Breton UK to offer this machine


  • Efficient combined cutting technology (saw blade and waterjet) equipped in the same spindle: waterjet cutting turns on only when it is expressly requested by the kind of cut in order to minimize working time
  • Quick installation and machine start-up thanks to the galvanized monoblock structure which requires no foundations
  • Smart intelligence in cutting process: Breton Touch, the onboard software, automatically suggests to the operator the better cutting schemes to optimize the surface usage
  • Faster cutting thanks to automatic positioning and suction cup gripping system on the spindle
  • Realizing perfect 45° cuts, even on non-flat slabs, minimizing any possible deflection and allowing real time adjustment of the cutting trajectory for the most accurate 45° angle thanks to hardware & software package suite Touchwave

LPE Works in Partnership with Breton UK to offer this machine

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