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Breton Contourfive NC700-1200

Breton CONTOURFIVE NC 700-1200 with LPE


Contourfive is a numerical control machining centre with five interpolated axes for machining pieces made from marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, compound stone and stone in general.

Thanks to its vertical travel of 700/1200 mm, Contourfive is the ideal machine for architectural and funerary art as well as for those processing which require a deep dishing out; it therefore offers the users the possibility of performing different and complex machining operations which would otherwise require several machines

LPE Works in Partnership with Breton UK to offer this machine


If you produce architectural or funerary art components, we have the machine that will facilitate and streamline your work.

• shaping utilising the saw blade to get large pieces with complex shape.
• shaping and dishing out utilising millers.
• contouring utilising shaping tools.
• sawing utilising the saw blade.
• turning of columns with shaped profiles or machining of columns to create a twisted effect all along the surface (provided the lathe accessory is purchased).

• short beam ensuring maximum rigidity;
• “rapid” displacements of up to 40 metres per minute;
• powerful high-frequency spindle of 20 kW;
• max. diameter of the cutting saw blade: 500 mm;
• “C” axis rotation: ± 200°;
• “A” axis rotation: from 0° to +115°;
• “X” axis travel: 3.700 mm;
• “Y” axis travel: 2.800 mm;
• “Z” axis travel: 700/1200 mm;
• possibility of using various saw blades, shaped tools, drills, millers, etc.;
• automatic tool-store with 27 positions + (optional) position for the saw blade.


 • High-speed, 16 kW electrospindle featuring a rotation speed of up to 14.500 rpm; it is provided with thermal stability and long-life grease lubrication of the bearings. The tool coolant flows inside the spindle.

• Birotary head for interpolated 5-axis machining. The head has a symmetrical structure and consists of two main structural elements, the first (“C” axis) is fitted for ± 200° rotation around its own vertical axis and the second element (“A” axis) rotating from 0° to +115° and housing the high-frequency spindle. Rotation transmission are provided by brushless-type motors.

• Iron casting spindle-holding carriage running on roller slides (“X” axis) and actuated by a precision pinion-andrack system, which is motorized by a digital brushless motor. The spindle-holding steel ram (“Z” axis) is vertically housed in the carriage; the ram moves through a ball bearing screw/preloaded lead nut/ digital brushless motor system. The position monitoring is performed by the motor encoder.

• Steel work-table secured to the ground, with aluminium top with recesses for mounting fixtures to secure the work piece in place, with vacuum plant and manifold.

• Beam with movement along the shoulders (“Y” axis) on ground guides; is through a pinion-and-rack system and precision reducers with backlash adjustment, driven by digital brushless motor.

• Mobile 27-cell carrousel tool-store for tool-holders, to automatically change tools other than the saw blade.

• Store for saw blade with a max. diameter of 500 mm, secured to the side shoulders (optional accessory).

• Lathe for producing columns and twisted effect details with workable sizes: ø 960 x 3.200 mm (optional accessory).

• Frontal protection barrier consisting of a series of sliding doors with manual opening; doors are made from structure and are provided with wide inspection ports.

• Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL: the latest digitallycontrolled computer numerical control system, with PC architecture and a PC unit utilising Windows as operating system, with Windows user-friendly interface and fully-developed software for work program management.

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