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Breton Smart-Cut Duo


Breton Smart-Cut DUO, innovative optimized cutting center for high productivity

CNC cutting centre with two heads with 5 interpolated axis capability, mounted on two opposed, independent beams, with belt conveyor work bench and “MULTICUP” integrated vacuum cup system for the optimization of the slab cutting through the piece handling on the work bench.

The machine is specially engineered to cut (either in the plunge-cut or step-cut mode) and shape items of granite, marble, engineered stone and suchlike.

LPE Works in Partnership with Breton UK to offer this machine


  • The Smart-Cut DUO is equipped with two pick-up unit with suction cups used to lift and space out the pieces for cut optimization, and move the pieces in order to work out the engravings for the rods.The bench is supplied with a motorized conveyor belt for facilitating workpiece loading and unloading operations.
  • Breton has patented a new machine:Smart-Cut DUO – innovative optimized cutting center for high productivity with two heads and two beams.
  • Breton Smart-Cut Duo with anthropomorphic robot.
    A revolutionary, automatized cutting center for Erbi.
  • Erbi perfectly embodies the characteristics of the material it processes. Quartz and, more generally, compound surfaces are innovative, prestigious and resistant materials.

The Smart-Cut DUO is Breton‘s new integrated cutting line: a concentrated package of productivity, flexibility and innovation.

Equipped with two mounted parallel beams, each including a cutting spindle and suction cups for optimization, the Smartcut Duo is completely unique in its class.

The flexibility of this machine consists of the fact that it can work with two beams simultaneously or with a single beam. This model has a powerful software optimizer that ensures precision on the slab surface area, allowing a simple or a complex cutting cycle and a vertical or 45° cut.

Dekker (founded in 1930) has been aiming at high quality for over 85 years, offering its customers a wide range of kitchen and bathroom furnishing, working together with architects and interior designers and taking part to special projects (hotels, hospitals).
Kitchen countertops are one of the main businesses of the group, who decided to install an entire processing line for its products.
Smart-Cut DUO is powerful because it can provide up to 80% higher productivity compared to a conventional single disc machine.

LPE Works in Partnership with Breton UK to offer this machine

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