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Breton Winger Indy


Breton Winger is the kitchen countertop cnc working center in marble, granite, engineered stone or ceramic.

The advanced 3 interpolated axis cnc machining center, equipped with motorized rotating feeding workbench, for the production and finishing of kitchen countertops in marble, granite, engineered stone, Lapitec or ceramic.
The double rotary table combined with the Robocup system allows to considerably increase productivity while minimizing set up times. The large size of the bench can accommodate more pieces so as to limit the tool change during processing. When combined with automatic handling systems, it becomes completely autonomous for the phases of vacuum cup positioning, piece loading/unloading, cleaning and scrap removal.

LPE Works in Partnership with Breton UK to offer this machine


  • Increasing productivity rate up to 30% than a classic stone router, thanks to the rotating feeding system, that optimizes loading and unloading phases.
  • Exceptional production efficiency thanks to the full-automatic machining cell, available with the addition of the handling robot associated with the Robocup system, in order to optimize spaces and times in handling, loading and positioning pieces over the workbenches.
  • Easy integration in production flow, thanks to the anthropomorphic robot, that automatically handles pieces along the production line.
  • Easy control despite of power, thanks to rich and extremely easy-to-use computer software interface, that enables to drive maximum Numerical Control computing calculation power.
  • Machining reliability and high precision over time guaranteed by high-quality hardware and software.

LPE Works in Partnership with Breton UK to offer this machine

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