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Diamond Drill

State-of-the-art drilling technologies

Metal Bond Profiling Tools

Stone fabrication tools for CNC machines


  • Easy set up guaranteed.
  • High feed speeds
  • Extensive range of tools
  • Custom profiles service
  • Reprofiling service

Milling Cutters

Sintered and electroplated


Sintered milling cutters for granite and engineered stone, electroplated milling cutters for marble and multiple pass grooving routers for granite or marble.

  • High speed
  • Long lifetime
  • Various bonds available
  • Also available with reinforced base segment for granite.

Recess And Drainboard Tools

Stubbing, polishing wheels and single or multiple pass grooving routers

  • Various sizes and bonds available
  • Perfect surface
  • Recommended application parameters

Writing, Sculpting And Engraving Tools

For granite, marble and all material types

TYROLIT also offers every type of adapter and accessory imaginable.

  • Effective cutting tools
  • Adapters and accessories available
  • An extensive range of tool holders is available on request
  • Bore reducers supplied free of charge for orders of complete sets