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Making Digitising Easy


  • The time from field template to dxf file is as low as a few minutes only.
  • Highly accurate digitizing method of +/- 1mm per template object.
  • Very fast to learn.
  • Trouble free and easy to use.
  • Eliminates CAD redrawing.
  • High resolution, distortion free and correctly scaled image of the template.
  • Can also be used as background layer for further processing in CAD/CAM software.


  • fast and accurate solution for creating 2D templates
  • save instantly as a DXF file
  • full training given upon installation
  • create splines and tangental arcs
  • no need for targets
  • don’t cut your prices, cut your processes!

How it works

Take Photo

Start by taking a photograph of the hard template

Zoom in and refine

Zoom in and simply drag the lines to where they need to be

Union Segments

Makes individual segments one complete line

Add a Radius

Should you need to, you can also add a Radius on any corners that they are required on

Add Offsets

You can also add any offsets to any lines that require them

Add a RadiusCheck and Export

Once you have checked your work, simply save and then export to DXF for your CAD/CAM ready file