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LT-2D3D Laser Templator

LT-2D3D Laser Templator


The LT-2D3D Laser Templator significantly increases the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of templating. Offering intuitive 2D and 3D laser templating capabilities, the LT-2D3D makes using world-class technology affordable for any size company.  The LT-2D3D allows you to measure faster and with greater accuracy while reducing costs in order to quickly meet the expectations of today’s short-on-time, budget conscious, purchase savvy customers.



Photograph important job site details.

  • Provide accurate references for the shop
  • Limit liability for existing scratches or dents
  • Single job folder for measurements & photos
  • Customer signature stored for documents

Position laser. Aim and shoot.

  • No need to clear or remove countertops
  • Only two measurements needed per cabinet surface
  • Mark centerlines for sinks, cook-tops & dishwashers
  • Measure stove opening

Solves the problem that drywall is never straight.

  • Measure every 6-12” and corners
  • Accounts for curves, divots & extra mud
  • Perfect fit. No rework or field cuts


A few quick clicks to add countertop details.

  • Offset cabinet overhangs
  • Connect corners & add radii
  • Simple tap to add standard backsplashes
  • Measure full height backsplashes
  • Create bump-outs

Quickly select and position drop-ins from our library or add your own. Includes sample:

  • Sinks
  • Stoves
  • Dishwashers
  • Electrical outlets


Software automatically draws countertops as points are measured.

  • Differentiates walls, cabinets & drop-ins
  • Flattens measurements for fabrication
  • Area & linear foot calculated by edge type
  • Provides edge type reference guide


LPI offers the most comprehensive, bumper-to-bumper warranty program in the industry. Product warranties include:

  • Free lifetime software updates
  • Free loaners if the laser needs to be repaired
  • Free UPS Ground shipping on all repairs/exchanges being sent to the customer
  • Free yearly check-up and target package
  • Discounted training at LPI’s corporate office in IL


  • Accuracy: ± 1/16”
  • Range: up to 200’ (400’ diameter)
  • Laser battery life: 50+ hours (20,000+ measurements)
  • Construction: aircraft grade aluminum chassis, impact resistant polycarbonate housing
  • Tablet: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (12.3” touch screen display)

The decision to move from manual to digital templating may seem both expensive and overwhelming. LPI understands this and has worked with thousands of fabricators to gradually move shop operations from sticks and glue to digital.


Rather than invest all at once in expensive CNC machines, the logical first step is the purchase of the LT-2D3D Laser Templator. That’s the route that the majority of LPI’s customers have taken because it doesn’t matter whether fabrication is being done manually with a plotter or digitally to a CNC.


Researched, field-tested, and engineered specifically to meet the needs of most fabricators, the LT-2D3D Laser Templator so significantly increas-es the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of templating that it makes world-class technology affordable for any size company. Laser Templa-tors of this quality can only be accomplished when individually built, from start to finish, by American workers.


Measures Precisely

  • Measures at the speed of light
  • Consistently accurate across a wide range of distances
  • Automatically converts measurements to layouts
  • Easy-to-understand, non-CAD commands
  • Translated into 14 languages including Spanish, Polish, Russian, & Italian
  • Add dimensions & references for manual fabricators

Robust Editing Capabilities

  • Add backsplashes, corners, and curves
  • Determine seam locations
  • Quick Actions for frequently used functions
  • Create customized library of drop-ins (sinks, corners, bump outs, electrical outlets, etc.)
  • Includes tools for circular staircases, tub surrounds, patios, & outdoor kitchens/patios

Powerful Business Tools

  • Capture photographs to document important job site details
  • Completely paperless transaction with customer contracts, terms & conditions
  • Customer signature sign-offs on jobs
  • Output to DXF, DWG, ORD, XML, PDF, CSV, & JPG
  • Generate estimates
  • Create customized shop sheets

Optimizes Manufacturing & Installs

  • Email files from the job site back to the office
  • Produces readable files for any CNC, water jet, saw, or plotter
  • Maximize efficiency of slab usage
  • Automatically assign edge types to distinguish components & tool path
  • Fabricate countertops perfectly scribed to back walls

State-of-the-Art Software

  • Continuously developed & updated
  • A lifetime of free upgrades


The laser system provides the most accurate measurements available in the market from a single location in the room. Fabricators can now safely measure remote locations on the job site without the need to use scaffolding and ladders.

Whether it’s adding curves, outdoor living spaces or lofty architectural features, this system’s capabilities are designed to open new business opportunities that were impossible before.

The LT-2D3D captures distances with a ± 1/16” accuracy and rotates on two encoders which provide angular measurements. Calculations of both are combined in our custom developed software and produce job site drawings right before your eyes.

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