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Miter X


No need to slow down your sawing process to set up for that next miter job. The Miter X is a stone miter saw, edger and router. This stone cutter machine allows you to produce fast and accurate miter cuts with ease.

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This stone miter saw provides reliable routing, edging, and polishing to increase shop throughput and reduce labor costs.

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Easy 2 Use Controls

Simple to use, intuitive, controls make this a plug and play stone cutter machine with minimal training necessary. The moveable operator control stand allows for easy operation and quick access for accurate cuts

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Powerful 15 HP Motor

The Miter X is equipped with a 15 HP saw motor, making it one of the most powerful miter saws available. This allows for faster processing speeds and provides the power required to cut harder materials such as quartzite with ease.

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Rubber Table Top

A rubber surface is adhered to the tabletop, providing a calibrated surface to locate the face of the polished surface, minimizing bowing and warping of the material to be cut.

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Smooth Glide Pop Up Rollers

Pneumatic bi-directional rollers raise and lower to allow large pieces to be easily pushed onto the table, minimizing the possibility of scratching the polished surface while loading the piece to be processed. The design of the rollers allow easy positioning of pieces in any direction.

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Superior Edge Quality

Pneumatic Rollers raise and lower to allow large pieces to be easily loaded. Simple design offers minimal maintenance issues long term.

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Pneumatic Clamping System

Heavy duty pneumatic clamps keep the material locked in position, preventing movement during processing. The clamping system allows small strips to be held in place as well as pieces as large as a full island.

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