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New install of the Comandulli Edilplus edge polisher

Here are some pics and a little write up from our new installation of the Comandulli Edilplus edge polisher in Hatfield, London, UK at the marble group. As we are the UK’s exclusive supplier of Comandulli machinery and parts we have access to the world leaders in flat & bevel edge polishers and profile edge polishers.

This particular machine has 8 flat polish heads and 6 bevel heads. Fitted with Comandulli’s patented TMM bevel calibrating system, material thickness calibrator, underpolish head, drip wheel, auto thickness measuring and dynamic belt speed!

“We engaged with Carl and his team at LPE after we were searching for a new Edge polisher to help the next stage of our growth. It being an acquisition of a high ticket machinery item, we knew it would improve factory efficiency. The new state of the art Comandulli Straight Edge Polisher allows us to polish worktops to the highest quality available in the world with incredible speed optimising the amount of work we can produce from our London based factory.

With LPE supporting us in purchasing the Edilplus we were able to enjoy the technological advancements in our industry, we are able to grow our business without having to employ more and more people. We have become faster and more competitive than the competition allowing our sales to thrive. We will be able to reach our target of manufacturing 50 worktops a day within three years with LPE’s continued support.

I have been surprised by the speed and wonderful service Carl and his team have given us as normally machinery suppliers can be a little distracted from giving an excellent service. The process was quick and painless and they worked well with our choice of finance partner. The team at LPE have successfully delivered all of the early promises and we feel we have found the right machinery partner in the short and long term future.”

Theo Constanti, Owner of The Marble Group.

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