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The Robotic Countertop Sawing Solution

Fast, flexible, and reliable. Robo Saw hits all of the marks to meet the needs of any fabrication shop.

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Reliable routing, edging and polishing to increase shop throughput and reduce labour costs.

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Faster Speeds

Robo Saw utilizes a KUKA robot that can travel from cut to cut at a speed of over 80″ per second, making it the fastest-moving saw available. This reduces the idle time between cuts to maximize productivity and reduce cycle times.

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The standard Robo Saw system includes a single station equipped with a tilt table for loading and unloading materials. A second table can be added to the system at any time to allow loading and unloading while the robot is cutting on the second blocks to provide high accuracy motion and rigidity.

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More Reliable

Each axis of the KUKA robot is completely sealed. As a result, silica or contaminates cannot contact the drive system components. Conventional bridge saw solutions utilize bearings, rails, and drive systems that are exposed to the harsh sawing environment, making them prone to failure.

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Flexible Cutting

Robo Saw was designed for maximum flexibility, with the capability to perform conventional saw cuts as well as miter cuts. The system can also utilize core bits and finger bits, allowing more work to be completed in the sawing operation

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Easy 2 Use

The Robo Saw System can utilize CAD drawings to perform automated cutting and can also be moved manually. This allows the operator to perform free form cuts as needed, by utilizing the laser to line up the cut on the stone.

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Less Cutting Time

The system uses a 26 HP saw motor equipped with a 16″ saw blade, giving you the power needed to cut at the highest speed possible. A variable frequency drive (VFD) is standard, giving you the control needed to cut any material with ease.

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