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Robolution Pro

Revolutionary Robotic Sawjet Technology

The Robolution Pro is the fastest, most capable precision cutting system in the industry. Cutting miters with the saw blade and the waterjet, it can handle everything from inside corner miters to complex arcs efficiently, while nesting pieces to save material and dramatically reduce downstream labor costs. The powerful 26 HP VFD driven saw and 60k waterjet can cut quartzite, ultra-compact slabs, and porcelains with ease. The system can even handle variations in material thickness or warpage with BACA’s adaptive cutting technology, to produce perfect miter joints. With the largest cutting table in the industry, Robolution Pro can be upgraded to a second cutting table in the future, protecting your investment as your business grows.

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Robolution Pro can immediately improve efficiency and reduce costs in your fabrication process

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Saw Blade and Waterjet Mitering

Robolution Pro performs miter cuts with both the saw blade and the waterjet, allowing the system to cut inside miter corners with ease. With simple, accurate calibration between the saw blade and the waterjet, miter cuts can be accurately transitioned between blade and jet, dramatically reducing downstream labor and manual finishing. The Robolution Pro also compensates for variations in material thickness and warpage with BACA’s adaptive cutting technology, to produce perfect miter joints with tight glue lines.

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Powerful Cutting Technology

Equipped with a powerful 26 HP saw and standard variable frequency drive (VFD), Robolution Pro excels at processing materials such as quartzite, ultra-compact slabs, and porcelains. The VFD provides the ability to control the RPM of the saw blade, allowing cut parameters to be optimized for each material type that is processed. Robolution Pro utilizes the reliable, low cost H2O Jet waterjet pump cutting at 60k PSI to provide a superior waterjet stream to produce sharp, clean cuts. For fabricators that need extra cutting speed, the system is available with an optional 90k PSI pump, allowing waterjet cuts to be processed twice as fast.

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Lowest Cost of Operation

Robolution Pro utilizes the accurate and rigid KUKA KR210 robot, which requires no daily maintenance, maximizing production uptime for the system. The first scheduled maintenance for the robot is a simple oil change after 5 years or 10,000 hours of operation. Compared with gantry sawjet solutions that need lubrication and maintenance weekly, Robolution Pro users have far less downtime and cost to maintain their equipment. With over 400 robotic cutting systems in service, BACA Systems has a proven track record of providing reliable, easy to use cutting solutions that require minimal maintenance. Through our Customer Care Center, customers receive Legendary Customer Support, whether over the phone, with online access, or technical personnel at your site.

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Faster Speeds

Moving between cuts at up to 80” per second, Robolution Pro is the fastest, most flexible precision cutting system in the industry. With high pressure coils on all axes, each axis can traverse quickly without restriction, maximizing cut efficiency when compared to gantry systems that must stop mid-cut several times to reposition due to high-pressure line and cable interference. There are no swivels or whip lines to maintain with Robolution Pro, and coils can be replaced within a few minutes, unlike gantry sawjets where it takes hours to replace the high-pressure lines that are packed into cable tracks.

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Value Today and in the Future

Investing in a single table sawjet system allows fabricators to immediately start saving on material by allowing pieces to be nested closely together, and reduce downstream labor by performing more cuts in the sawing station. Robolution Pro can be upgraded to add a second cutting table in the future, doubling production by allowing loading and unloading in one station while the robot is cutting in the opposing station. This allows the system to be cutting constantly, producing more countertops on the system each hour. Since gantry based solutions cannot be upgraded, the only way to increase their production is to purchase another machine. This dramatically reduces the investment in capital equipment long term for Robolution Pro customers.

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Large, Ergonomic Cutting Station

Measuring 90” x 144”, Robolution Pro features the largest cutting table in the industry. Unlike mono-block gantry cutting systems, each cutting table can be accessed on three sides, making it faster to load and unload tables, improving operator safety. The system is also guarded by barrier fencing and light curtains, preventing operators from entering the area as the system is cutting.

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Maximize Profitability

Adding a Robolution Pro SawJet to your fabrication process is the #1 way to increase profitability by reducing material cost by 10% to 15% through maximizing slab yield. In addition, Robolution Pro SawJet reduces the amount of downstream processing by reducing up to 4 hours of work on every slab by completing all arc cuts, radius cuts, sink openings and faucet holes during the sawing process. With an average cut time between 15-20 minutes per slab, you can let the saw complete 90% of your work.

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Unrivaled Reliability

Robolution Pro features a robotic motion system with gears and bearings that are completely sealed and designed to perform in extremely harsh environments. Gantry based sawjets utilize ball screws, rack and pinion gears, and bearings that are regularly exposed to silica dust, garnet, water, and other contaminants. Way covers aren’t sealed and can’t protect these components from wear and degradation from exposure to the stone shop environment. As a result, these components are constantly wearing, and the tolerances of the equipment become less precise over time. In addition, it’s not a question of IF these components will fail, but WHEN they will fail, resulting in unplanned downtime, lost production and revenue, and expensive repair costs to replace the failed parts. Robolution Pro customers don’t face these issues, as all drives are completely sealed, and precision is consistent from day one.

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