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The ZOLLER smile is a must for manufacturing companies carrying out machining work, guaranteeing high-level accuracy and repeatability thanks to its unique CNC spindle and auto-focus capabilities. Easy to operate, this world-class but affordable machine is equipped with all standard functions for the professional presetting and measuring of cutting tools, and thanks to its robust construction performs comfortably in shop-floor environments.
The smile’s variable control unit, ergonomic single-hand operating handle and freely accessible tool clamp make work more comfortable, while the direct transmission of tool data to your machines is seamless.

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The universal setting and measuring device for standard tools.

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Just some of highlights;

- High quality – Consistent use of top-brand products

- Precise – SK50 high-precision spindle, high-quality optics and leading image processing technology

- Comfortable – Variable control unit, ergonomic single-hand operating device, membrane keypad and freely accessible tool holder spindle

- Easy to use – Graphical user guide in the pilot image processing technology

- Flexible – Comprehensive hardware and software options for an individual adaptation to your production

Networkable – Data transmission direct to your machine control unit

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ISO 50 high-precision spindle

Power Clamping Spindle

Autofocus and ROD encoder

Membrane Keypad

Maintenance unit

List printer

Label printer

Adaptors to suit every style of tool holder

Snap gauge

Centre height measuring device

Power operated tool posts to suit every style of tool holder

Data Transfer