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Spectrophotometer Ci-62


For Precise QC Measurement

Using a precise handheld sphere spectrophotometer to ensure accurate colour can help you meet customer specifications, increase consistency and production efficiency, and reduce waste and downtime. X-Rite’s compact, lightweight Ci60 series of handheld spectrophotometers offers a performance-driven solution to take a quick measurement and compare to tolerances at any stage of production. With numerous configurations and price points, these instruments solve colour measurement challenges in a variety of industries.

 Interview with Natural Stone Surfaces Ltd:

 “How many systems do you have?”
“We have two”
“How long have you been using the Ci62?”
“Since November 2002”
“How often do you use it them?”
“How was the training & support?”
“Very good”
“How does the system benefit you?”
“It reduces the movement of material, reduces waste, makes us more efficient time-wise and makes us look professional on site”
“If you could summarize the system in once sentence what would you say?”
“It is taking colour checking into the digital age, removing human error from the process.”
“What would you say to anyone thinking about purchasing one?”
“It will be an absolute game changer for your company”


A Versatile Device for a Range of Color Applications


From painted surfaces to molded plastic parts, packaging, and apparel textiles, the Ci60 series portable sphere spectrophotometer offers superior measurement performance to ensure color quality in receiving, field operation, and around the manufacturing plant. It is the ultimate solution to measure gloss, opacity, and color strength and compare color differences on complex materials in a wide range of industries and applications.

A Color Management Advantage That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand


The Ci60 series is designed to manage and ensure consistent color quality for wide variety of products and industries. With a sphere measurement geometry and tight inter-instrument agreement, manufacturers can efficiently manage process quality control and reduce operating costs across suppliers.

Create an End-to-End Color Control Solution


When paired with Color iQC software, the Ci60 series is the ideal solution for organizations who seek improved quality control and reduced cycle time and rework. With supported NetProfiler software, the Ci60 series provides a complete track and trace process for consistent measurement across multiple devices and locations, allowing users to monitor and optimize the performance of all instruments in the supply chain and create a color quality audit trail.



Battery Li-ion
Calibration White and Zero
Color Differences [√/X], Δecmc, Δlab,  ΔE00, Δreflectance,  ΔE94, ΔXYZ, ΔL*a*b*, ΔYxy, , ΔL*C*h°, ΔL*u*v*, Verbal Difference
Color Spaces Lab, L*a*b*, Reflectance,  L*C*h°, Munsell Notation, XYZ, Yxy, L*u*v*
Communication Interface USB 2.0, Bluetooth*
Dimensions (length, width, height) 21.3 cm 9.1 cm 10.9 cm
Embedded NetProfiler Support Yes
Humidity 5% to 85%, non-condensing
Illuminants A, C, D50, D65, F2, F7, F11 & F12
Illumination Spot Size 20mm or 14mm or 6.5mm



Accurate Color Measurement on Complex Materials


With a choice of apertures, the mid-range Ci62 portable sphere spectrophotometer is uniquely suited to ensure accurate color measurement, ideal for quality control on applications with textured materials or printing on metal substrates.

.2 ΔE* Inter-Instrument Agreement

.05 ΔE* White Ceramic Short Term Repeatability

4-14 mm* Measurement Spot