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Delivering Excellence

The very best fabricators expect to have the very best equipment to help them deliver only the very best results. That’s why the very best fabricators know to come to LPE.

Whether you’re searching for the best digital templating, the best capital machinery or the very best material handling and installation tools, you’re going to find them with LPE.

Bring a global reach to your workshop – make your choice from the sturdiest, cutting-edge US technology to the proven and time-tested quality you’d expect only from Italy. It’s all here.

When you demand excellence, you know you’ll get it through LPE.


From the very latest in robotic saws all the way down to adhesives and pads, and with everything else in between, you get only the very best tools from all corners of the world when you choose LPE to help you do your work that little bit better.


You won’t find prices on our website. Why? Because you should be given the fairest price, which means accurate, timely and up-to-the-minute exchange rate conversions that allow you to make the right choices for you. You can save hundreds, sometimes thousands by choosing “fair” over what initially seems “cheap”.


Simple. Make your choices, add them to your cart, and press Send. It’s that easy. You’ll hear back from us quick-sharp with all of the information you need to get the right items at the very best deal right now.

We have you covered

From the latest in cutting edge robotic saws to adhesives.


Laser Templating

NSI Seam Phantom

Ci62 Spectrometer

Omni Cubed

Elephant Lifter

Tool Measuring

BVC Vacuum Cups

Weha Transport Rack

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