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Comandulli Edilplus 

Brand: Comanduli 
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The exclusive features of a Comandulli machine: EDILPLUS 
Steel structure, electrowelded, fully worked by milling machines. 
All our machines are protected against corrosion through a modern treatment that follows different phases: sandblasting, metallization and painting. The painted covers are subject to cataphoresis treatment, cartes in stainless steel. 
Possibility of polishing the edge without the contrast bar, due to the special sliding system of the conveyor belt and the slab locking – by pneumatic pistons. 
Each spindle is independent. 
Main covers in stainless steel. 
Possibility of polishing straight edges on slab of different thickness and size, one after the other. 
Water collecting tank equipped with two lateral outlets. 
Colour touch screen. 
Conveyor belt width 600mm; operated by a manual variable-speed drive, automatic speed adjustment from control panel; Belt driven on stainless steel plate. 
NEW DYNAMIC/SMART BELT SPEED FUNCTION: machine equipped with special software that, during the automatic cycle, varies automatically the belt speed to reduce donwtimes according to the kind working and the tools to be utilised. 
Laser to detect the position of the pieces on the belt and their length. 
Technical Information 
Calibrating spindle assembled on two orthogonal axes: the vertical one with motorised positioning and keyboard, the horizontal one with automatic positioning. Possibility to tilt to 90° 
Floating spindles for the edge (n. 8) 
Spindles for the bevels (n. 4) 
Spindle for upper groove tilting to 45° 
Extendible bar to support bigger pieces 
Rollers for material loading/unloading.Possibility to polish narrow pieces 6 cm width 
Possibility to make partial workings with the calibrator or the drip unit (vertcal axis motorised and visualised on the screen) 
N. 2 additional polishing spindles (10 in total) 
n. 2 addional bevelling spindles (6 in total) 
Vertical spindle for smoothing the calibrated strip or bushammering the slab surface 
Opposite upper groove spindle (double upper groove) to make parallel cuts 
Centralised automatic lubrication system 
Possibility to polish slabs with minimum thickness 0,5 cm 
TMM group: lock device to realise perfect bevels 
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