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Mega-Jaw Clamp Rod Replacement Kit


This set of Clamp Rod assemblies is for a single Mega-Jaw™ Carry Clamp.

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This set of Clamp Rod assemblies is for a single Mega-Jaw™ Carry Clamp. One set includes four Clamp Rods (2 short, 2 long) pre-fitted with an outer rubber layer (Clamp Tube), plus fastening nuts.

Eventually, clamp rods may become flat or worn. To get extended use out of your clamp rods, loosen and rotate rods so a new area comes in contact with the material surface. Be sure to reapply thread locker when tightening the rods back in place.

Clamp rods are a normal wear item. When material is carried that has a lamination strip, sometimes the pressure can be much higher in that one spot where the bottom of the lam-strip contacts the rubber. The Clamp Rods can also get damaged if the back side of that lamination strip has a sharp edge. Carrying on just one side of the clamp will put double the pressure on the Clamp Rods connected to that clamp arm, and also allows the clamp to move more while walking, which can cause more damage to the rubber (and possibly the stone).

This kit is compatible with pre-2014 model Mega-Jaws, but will reduce the clamping range by approximately 1/8" due to the thickness and density of the new rubber.

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